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2020/5/1: Online Gospel Meeting

2020/5/1: Online Gospel Meeting District 13 Presentation

2019/10/13: Gospel In-reaping Meeting

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There were over 30 saints in attendance from the Alhambra English  Districts 7, 11, and 13 and one new Family the Petersons (Lily, David, and their adult son) who had received a flyer.  Br. Alan B. faithfully ushers all into the meeting hall and to the reception area where Br. Bobby diligently signed everyone in.  All enjoyed a bountiful love feast full of a variety of items such as spanish rice, spaghetti, salad, fried chicken, pizza, duck, gelato, flan, and baked tart coordinated by Sis Jacky. Once the meeting started Sis. Mei, played the first hymn Amazing Grace, with Bro. Ken helping to lead the singing. Following the first hymn, Bro Jacky provided his testimony on asleep, and Sis. Naomi, provided her experience of receiving the Lord and enjoyment with other saints. Bro. Eugene then spoke his message regarding asleep and the need for the saints the take action and  his personal experiences from his life and fellowship with brothers and sisters. After Eugene’s message, Alan Wang, declared his desire to be baptized. Bro Jacky and Bro Richard , and Bro. Jacob baptized Alan. Ken lead the second hymn The Story of Faith. Sis. Pearl provided her testimony and experience of receiving the Lord by the diligence of a Sis. preaching the gospel to her continually. Bro. Chris then shared this testimony of when the Lord became real for him and when he became ready to receive the Lord. Then Bro. Dan spoke a brief message on awake with reference to Eph. 5:14-16. Ken asked those new to introduce themselves. The Peterson’s introduced themselves and mentioned how enjoyable the testimonies were, and they enjoy seeing other gatherings. The have been believers for many years and fully agree that many need to be awakened and the gospel needs to go out. Bro Jacob concluded with a brief message that the spirit is asleep and is in need of being awakened.

Children’s Service by Sister Ruth helped keep the children engaged during the time.  Bro. Yunglo, Sis Vicki, and Bro. Johnny were ready for group coordination/facilitation however due to time constraints we were not able to break into groups. (Report by Br. Dan)

Sis. Naomi’s Testimony
Br. Eugene’s Message
Sis Pearl’s Testimony
Br. Chris’ Testimony

2019/10/5: Entire Church Picnic in Ernest E. Debs Park

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District 7 Singing
District 11 Singing
District 13 Singing

2019/9/29: Zone 4 Outing to San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano

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2019/9/21: First Children Character Garden

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