Announcements for 02/07/2021– 02/13/2021     

       1.      Morning Revival:
• This week we will pursue morning revival on “Crystallization-study of Jeremiah and Lamentations ”, week 10 days 4-6;
2.      Prayer Meeting, Home Meeting and Lord’s Day Meeting  will be held by Zoom
3.      Online Gospel Meeting and Gospel Outreach: 
• On Saturday morning, the gospel outreach prayer will begin at 10am by Zoom ID 450 716 3730 Password :31
4.    The Entire Church’s Goal to Next Labor Day: 
Thank the Lord , in this pandemic situation we still had 28 people who received the Lord and were baptized this year. May the Lord cause them to grow to be the remaining fruit through the saints’ shepherding. We will continue to pray and labor with the Lord  in the year of 2021. we hope by next labor day our average Lord’s Day attendance number will increase to 180. We will practice home trainings to reproduce 23 more new serving ones. We will increase 5 home meetings and 1 new district and raise up a new church in Temple City!
5.      Pray for GTCA(Gospelize, Truthize, and Churchize America)
300 qualified saints (an average of 30 saints per city) to commit to migrating to the 10 US cities/churches. These brothers and sisters can range in age from young adults to seniors and may be university students, single saints, or married couples.30 full-time campus workers to form five campus teams, each with a player-coach (an average of six full-timers per team).
6.     Prayer during the month of February   
          Let us continue to cooperate with the Lord by our prayers  to strengthen His testimony and move in the United States. You are encouraged to use website:  to receive daily prayer burdens from the Body.
• February 13-14, 2021    Zoom ID: 387 206 9109
• Time: Message One  09:00 am  Feb 13 (Saturday) 
           Message Two  11:00am   Feb 13 (Saturday)
           Message Three 7:30pm   Feb 13 (Saturday)
                         Message Four and Five    2:30pm-4:30pm  Feb 14 ( Lord’s day)