Announcements for 3/10-3/16/2019

  1. Morning Revival:
    • This week we will pursue morning revival on “Book of Numbers”, first half of week 1;
  2. Prayer Meeting:
    • Prayer meetings will be held on Tuesday night at different homes;
  3. Home Meeting:
    • Home meetings will be held on Friday night and Saturday night in different homes;
  4. Corporate Gospel Outreach: 
    • On Saturday mornings, the gospel outreach will begin at 11am in the meeting hall, after the corporate prayer meeting from 10-11am;  
  5. On Lord’s day afternoon, the gospel outreach will begin at 1pm in Sister Jacklyn’s house.
  6. Next Lord’s Day Meeting:       
    • Chinese-Speaking Lord’s day is held at Meeting Hall;                                  
    • English-Speaking Lord’s day is held at different homes.
  7. Gospel In-Reaping Meeting:   
    • There are 25 people who came to last night’s quarterly gospel in-reaping meeting including 4 gospel friends,and one was baptized. Praise Lord that He answered our prayers. so far, the entire church has gained 26 fruits, which is beyond we have asked! Praise Him!                
  8. Meeting Hall Cleaning: 
    • On Mar 7th(4-6pm),Please have the young saints(< 50 yrs old) from Ditrict 8 and 9 to  clean the meeting hall.
  9. Church wide Outing and Blending:
    • On March 30th, the entire church will meet at 11am in Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, please pack lunch for yourself and your gospel friends.  4235 Monterey Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90032.
  10. The annual Oak Glen blending will be held from July 12-14 in our Oak Glen Christian Camp. Please register to Br Geo(district 7), Br Richard (district 11) and Br Dan(district 13). 
  11. July Semiannual Training: 
    • Time: July 1-6, 2019Place: Living Stream Ministry Conference Center (1212 North Hubbell Way, Anaheim, CA) 
  12. Chinese-Speaking New Jersey Training:
    • Time: July 26-28
    • Place: Church in Franklin Meeting Hall (24 Evelyn Ave, Franklin Park, NJ 08823). We have 10 saints went to this training last year, we pray that there will be 60 saints participate it this year.