Announcements for Dec 29 – Jan 4

  1. Morning Revival:
    •This week we will pursue morning revival on “Book of Numbers Volume 3”, week 9, days 1-3;
  2. Prayer Meeting:
    •Prayer meetings will be held at Meeting hall from 8-10pm with presentation and snacks in between.
  3. Corporate Gospel Outreach
    •On Saturday morning, the saints will get together from 10-11am at meeting hall to pray. Then from 11-12pm there will be corporate door-knocking in Alhambra and Temple City.
  4. Next Lord’s Day Meeting: •The first Lord’s day meeting in 2020 will be held In meeting hall.
  5. Annual Counting the Blessing Blending: Jan 12th (Lord’s day) from 6pm starting from dinner. Each district will present hymn singing, testimonies of blessings, and planning for 2020.