Announcements for Feb 10-16, 2019

1.Prayer Meeting:  

  • On Feb 12th, the entire church will have a corporate prayer meeting at the meeting hall.

2.Morning Revival:

  • 2018 Summer Training on Leviticus, the second half of Week 24 “The Processed Triune God, His Work, and the Result of His Work”.

3.Home Meeting:

  • Home meetings will be moved to MCC during the International Chinese-speaking conference.

4.Corporate Gospel Outreach:

  • Corporate gospel outreach will be canceled due to the International Chinese-speaking conference.

5.Next Lord’s Day Meeting:

  • Next Lord’s day meeting will be held in MCC(Ministry Conference Center) at Anaheim for all the saints.


  Time: February 15-17, 2019

  Place: Living Stream  Ministry Conference Center (1212 North Hubbell Way, Anaheim, CA 92801)

  Conference  Schedule:

  Message One : Feb 15th(Fri)  7:30pm

  Message Two: Feb 16th(Sat)  9:00am

  Message Three: Feb 16th(Sat)  11:00am

  Message Four: Feb 16th(Sat)   7pm

  Message Five: Feb 17th(Lord’s day)  9:30am(Bread-Breaking 、Message、Special Fellowship).

On Saturday afternoon(Feb 16th), there will be two special fellowship meetings at Ministry Conference Center.

        The due date for registration is Feb  11th, 2019. 

The Children’s Service: Children need to be registered for children service. Please fill out the “Children-Caring Sign In Form” and email it to   before Feb 11th or register online(

Transportation: Bus will depart from meeting hall at 8:30 am on Feb 17  Lord’s Day.