Announcements for Feb. 24-Mar. 2, 2019

  1. Morning Revival:
    • This week we will pursue morning revival on “Material Offering” Week 1
  2. Prayer Meeting:
    • Prayer meetings will be held on Tuesday nightin different homes. 
  3. Home Meeting:
    • Home meetings will be held on Friday nightand Saturday nightin different homes. 
  4. Corporate Gospel Outreach: 
    • On Saturday mornings, the gospel outreach will begin at 11am in the meeting hall, after the corporate prayer meeting from 10-11am; 
  5. Next Lord’s Day Meeting:
    • Next the monthly church’s corporate Lord’s day meeting will be held in the meeting hall.
  6. Gospel In-Reaping Meeting: 
    • Chinese Speaking:3/2(Sat), starting at 6:00pm with dinner;
    • English Speaking: 3/9(sat), starting at 6:00pm with dinner.
    • Place: Church in Alhambra Meeting Hall
      Please have a new ones’ name list, pray for them and visit them.
  7. The annual Oak Glen blending will be held from July 12-14 in our Oak Glen Christian Camp. Please register to Br Geo(district 7), Br Richard (district 11) and Br Dan(district 13).