Br. Minoru Chen’s Fellowship concerning Watchful Prayer and 21-day Prayer

I wonder if you brothers can help to appeal to the saints who have signed up tojoin the subject round-the-clock prayer to particularly intercede for the United States regarding a stoppage of the virulent spread of COVID-19. Thismorning, Dr. Anthony Fauci gave a grim prognosis that the US may have millionsof infected cases and possibly 100,000 to 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Apparently,America is facing a daunting task to bring this outbreak under control. Whilethis pandemic is allowed by God under His sovereignty, Satan no doubt capitalizes on the opportunity to destroy humanity and instigate chaos,thinking he can frustrate God. I would like to make an appeal to the saints andthe churches in the US to pray specifically for our nation, but hearing thatthere are many saints who have already joined this day-long prayer, I think it would be appropriate to make this special request. That said, we should nodoubt remember a similar need in the European countries and nations and peopleall over the earth. In brief, the main burdens are:

(1)That heaven would rule;

(2)That Satan would be bound;

(3)That the pandemic would be stopped;

(4)That the authorities would trust in God;

(5)That people would repent and be saved;

(6)That the saints would be sanctified and preserved

(7)That the kingdom gospel and the recovery testimony would spread

(8)That the bride would be prepared for Christ’s return