Church in Alhambra Announcement Regarding COVID-19 (2020.3.12)

Dear saints,

Yesterday (2020.3.19) both the State of California and LA county increased safety measures against the spreading of the corona virus. The State Governor encouraged all residents to stay at home. We are the citizens of the Kingdom of God, and at the same time the citizens of this country. We ought to obey the authority of the government by following the regulations. The cities and state can be locked down; however, the church life cannot, and should not, be locked down because the reality of the church life is in spirit and in truthfulness (John 4:24).

In this special time, we encourage each one of us to take advantage of the time at home to strengthen our personal prayer, prayer with our companions, one-on-one shepherding toward the new ones, and the gospel preaching through WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, etc. We also encourage the saints to join the 24-hour prayer net to pray diligently and watchfully.

Besides these, we remind all saints to wash hands frequently, and avoid going to places with crowds. If you need to go out for grocery shopping, please wear masks and maintain social distance of six feet. We also ask the saints to take care of the elderly saints and the needy saints in each district.

For the next two weeks, all church meetings will be conducted online through Zoom. This software can be installed for free on cell phones and laptop/desktop. The responsible brothers in each district have set up a dedicated meeting ID for the district meetings. You can simply enter this meeting ID on Zoom, and then you will be able to see and hear other saints. For the elderly saints who cannot use Zoom, they can simply dial in to Zoom meeting through their home phone by calling (253)2158782 and then enter the meeting ID followed by #. This way you can join the following meetings:

  1. Prayer meeting, home meeting and Lord’s Day meeting (For meeting ID, please contact district responsible brother in each district)
  2. Children meeting, and Children Character Garden (For meeting ID, please contact children serving ones)
  3. Monday and Tuesday morning prayer from 10:30-11:30 (Meeting ID: 6995953006)
  4. Saturday morning Prayer from 10-11am (Meeting ID: 2319800750)

If you have any questions regarding how to install and use Zoom, please contact Br. Jacob Feng (7329917375), Johnny Zhao (6266739052), and Jacob Chen (4242160298).

Financial offering can now be made through bank transfer. The Church in Alhambra’s bank routing # is 122000247; Account #: 219377553. If you have a burden to offer for individual saints, please use cash and bring it to the meeting hall on Saturday morning from 10:30-11am (door will be open) and put it to the offering box. You can also offer this way if bank transfer is not convenient.

The Brothers Serving in the Church in Alhambra