Instructions for Online Zoom Gospel Meeting

Precautions for online Zoom gospel meeting (for reference only, it can be flexibly adjusted and supplemented according to your local church conditions)

Before the meeting:

  1. Encourage saints to list all the names and pray for them
  1. Invitation card (do not include too many words, just highlight the theme of the gospel meeting), attach the call-in phone and meeting ID.
  1. Arrange the saints to share in the meeting: who is the host, who to lead to sing, who to witness, who to collect information, and who to conclude:

-It is necessary to test the smoothness of the network for the ones who will be sharing on Zoom in advance. And if the voice/sound is loud enough?

-The saints (especially the ones who are giving testimonies and messages) need to practice  to speak on Zoom, because some people will not be used to it, and time will also be limited.

-Pay attention to your appearance, clothing, background, lighting.

  1. Arrange the technical operator(s):

-Share your screen (hymns, verses, outlines, reading materials, video, etc.)

Use share-screen bottom to share, remember to check “share computer sound” if you want to play video. It is not recommended to use Chat to share the link, the link will become text format instead of hyperlink, you need to copy and paste to the browser. (Currently, the function of directly sharing files in Chat seems have not been enabled)

-Mute/unmute operator(s):

If you unmute all, do not allow participants to unmute themselves. This is very important, otherwise someone will unmute themselves, it will interrupt the meeting.

-Spotlight/cancel Spotlight

This person needs to spotlight the host and the sharing saints, so that everyone can see. This is the service of “switching the camera”.

-Grouping operator(s):

Grouping is very difficult. Especially when there are so many people, some gospel friends leave without grouping. If you want to group them, it is best to group them for 5-10 minutes, let them introduce each other. Some people can stay in the main room to watch when grouping. Some people can be added or not. If you want to divide them into groups, consider how to divide in advance. Each group must have serving ones. It is best to divide at the beginning or end of the meeting. Many people will leave if the grouping happens in the middle of the meeting.

5.To clearly write down each process of the meeting, what each link does, and what to broadcast. The host needs to rehearse 1-2 times from beginning to end with the shared saints and technical operators.

6.Encourage the saints to turn on the video. If the gospel friends do not see us, they will not turn on their video either. The saints who technical operators should also be dressed appropriately and also turn on the video.

7.The core serving ones must have a WeChat group to respond and make any adjustment for the meeting in time.

8.Zoom setting:

You can modify the account after logging in on the webpage, please update to the latest version.

Personal-> Setting-> Meeting

-allow co-host: Assign co-host is required for technical operation person.

-only host / co-host can share screen. turn off annotation

-mute upon entry

-Auto saving chats

-allow Break out rooms (if you want to grouping them)

-Allow participants to rename themselves

Personal-> Setting-> Recording

-only host / co-host can record meeting.

-Don’t turn on “Recording disclaimer” otherwise everyone who enters Zoom will receive a reminder of the meeting recording.

During the meeting:

  1. Play photos of the church life in advance (it’s a video: PPT with music), which makes gospel friends feel friendly, comfortable, and familiar.
  2. The host(s) should have a loud voice, preferably two hosts. Saints and gospel friends everywhere are welcomed to wave their hands. Encourage everyone to turn on the video. If you want to group them, you can consider doing it at the beginning or end of the meeting. Group them and use 5 minutes to introduce each other (virtual handshake).
  3. Sing hymns:

-You can sing along with the hymn video recorded in advance.

-Or there may be a dedicated saint (1 or more) to lead the sing, they just sing, other people mute to sing on their own.

-Or a few families (the best one has 2-3 people), prepare in advance and practice singing well.

-You can also try to sing openly (not all unmute, who wants to sing and raise their hands, unmute, spotlight) to stimulate the atmosphere.

-Choose short, easy-to-sing hymns to lift up the spirit, encourage everyone to sing, and clap your hands.

-If you feel the testimony, the speaking is weak, you can use short hymns to stir up the atmosphere and spirit.

-You can let everyone declare “Hallelujah” at the end of the hymn, you can unmute all for a few seconds, let everyone’s voice come out, there will be impact.

  1. Testimonies must have been prepared well beforehand; try to speak on Zoom, voices should come out, proper expressions, do not exceed the time limit.
  2. Brothers who give the message: release your spirit, and let your voice come out, not too fast, and be proficient in the content. You can take everyone to call for the name of the Lord and read the verses. Host or co-host can say amen to support in a timely manner.
  3. The switch of Spotlight should be proficient, mute/unmute should be fast.
  4. During the meeting, the saints who are responsible for the recording can turn the page to record all the participants, and then record the statistics. Especially when calling to raise your hand.
  1. Someone who ushers in Chat and promptly responded to the host with feedback.
  1. It’s best to end within an hour, gospel friends cannot stay too long.
  1. Call: Raise your hand to express your willingness to accept the Lord. Encourage a few more times. Also encourage them to reply in the Chat to be willing to believe in the Lord and to be baptized. When you lead everyone to pray, please close your eyes, “I pray, everybody please follow me.” The host can echo to pray for everyone, because all are unmuted. The brothers who are calling out can then pray. After praying, you can ask the gospel friends who prayed to reply “I am saved.” You can also encourage everyone to join the Bible reading group at this time.
  1. Leave some time after the report, let the saints who are willing to stay sing hymns, take turns to sing, it would be very happy!


After the meeting:


  1. Statistics: total number of attendees, the number of attendees changing over time. Number of saints (local and other localities), number of gospel friends (local, other localities), number of the ones who are willing to believe (local, other localities).


  1. The response from the gospel friends, and follow up.


  1. Review every segment of the meeting.